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Won't delete delivered clients!!

Seriously?!? This app just randomly deleted itself yesterday! 😡 also, Is it so hard to make an app that lets you delete (or at least out in another area), clients who've delivered?

Need Update

The app was great until the patients delivered and I am not able to delete them. I see it has been an old request, do you plan to update it? I can't use it like that anymore.


The app has not been updated and crashes every time I delete a patient. VERY frustrating! Months later I tried again and it does the same thing. PLEASE REMOVE THIS APP!


I really loved this app until I was unable to delete patients that have delivered. I can now no longer use this app as scrolling through the extensive list of patients is not something I want to do in the middle of my busy day. This app really needs an update! I am very disappointed since I spent significant money on this app. As others have commented, it would be nice if delivered patients could be moved to a separate list and if there could be a place for common lab selection such as Rh, GBS status, etc. - typing in the notes is cumbersome.


When this first came out it was really a nice product. However Dr. Moore has made no changes, therefore it no longer works with updated iPhones. I have attempted to contact him several times via email and he has never responded. DO NOT use this program!!!!!!

Not working at all

This app was fine until the iOS 7 update and it wouldn't let you delete clients after that. I downloaded it to my new iPhone 6 and it doesn't do anything but let you enter a new client and an EDD. So done with this app. The developer is very hard to contact but I finally found an email and have heard zilch from them. Off to buy a different app!

Inadequate Developer Support

This app is useful. However, the developer does not appear to pay attention to operating system updates and suggestions. There was an update that allowed you to delete patients, but since the latest operating system update, every time I trying to delete the patient, the app crashes. I now have multiple patients and I've long since delivered or transferred, and no way to get them off the list.

I really used to love this app

I use this app every day & LOVED it. The latest update of Apple makes it impossible to delete delivered patients which is annoying. PLEASE PLEASE FIX THEN ITS BACK TO 5 STARS

Don't buy!

I was very pleased with App until it was no longer functional and no updates. The inability to delete pt after delivery is very annoying. Throws off the stats and feasibility to use. Very busy obgyn looking for better option now!

Please update soon

Great app until the IOS update.. Please update soon.. Wish list: a way to delete patients lost to follow up and a way to move delivered patients to a separate file with details of delivery etc.. And if possible to incorporate a way to place follow up appointments in the iphone calendar.. Thank you.

New Version Coming

I am a beta tester for version 2.0. It is amazing!!! Hopefully to be released soon to the App Store.

Need to delete

Since the release of iOS 7 I have not been able to delete patients from my tracker after delivery. This has not been corrected despite multiple requests. I would not advise anyone to buy this app.

Loved this ap until new IOS

I have used this ap for hour years. I have gotten many colleagues to purchase it. Since Dec 2013, I can no longer delete clients from the list. This throws off the stats is just looks messy. I have sent three emails to the developer with no reply (besides an auto generated 'thanks for contacting us'). I hope that this is resolved soon or I will have to ditch the ap!

Not for current OS

This used to work great on my iPhone 4 but it is very annoying and almost unusable on iPhone 5. Does not allow me to delete patients, including after delivery. Have emailed developer and only a canned reply 6 weeks ago.

Bad app

At first I loved this app. The fact that I had to delete delivered clients didn't bother me, I got use to it. Now, I can't even delete them! When I try, the program closes. I have emailed the app owner a number of times and have never heard back! Not have there been any current updates. I am going to delete this as soon as someone comes up with a better program. Would NOT recommend this app to anyone.

App now obsolete

Unfortunately, support is no longer available for this app and it is incompatible with the new iPhone operation system, ios7. Although I enjoyed this app, do not buy it now. I contacted support twice and have had no response like the others who posted here.

Used to be useful

I used to like this app. Although it was basic and did not allow me to mark that the birth had occurred; it was a good tracing system for due date. I am annoyed that it will no longer allow me to delete patients. I tried reloading app and it still will not work.

Not worth the $$$

Totally disappointed in this overpriced application. I can not edit my list of clients at all or delete them. For $15 you'd think the creator would have the decency to update it so it would AT LEAST work. Thanks for nothing, bud.

Crashes on iOS7

Great app until updated. Now cannot delete patients who have already delivered. Do not install!

Has potential

I am a practicing obstetrician and have used the patient tracker for two years. I gave it 5 stars until the 7.0 update. App has not been updated to allow patients to be delisted after they deliver. It is becoming an extensive list to scroll through to find a patient. If anyone knows of an app that can track like this one please let me know or please please update love this app!!!!!

Dr. Clarkson

I really love this app. It does just what I need and nothing else. I haven't found any other app that I like as well. The only problem is now I can't delete patients and they are building up. I wonder how many patients the app will take before I can't add any more. Just praying that Dr. Moore will find time to update the app so that it is possible to delete patients who have delivered.

Not compatible with iPhone 5 or updates

Crashes whenever you try to delete a delivered client with the new iPhone operating system.

Useless with iOS 7

Never updated and now it crashes when trying to delete a file

Next to useless in iOS 7

This app was expensive but I felt it was useful for the lbs to grams conversion and easy tracking of my clients' dates. It was always frustrating to me that I had to delete a client after she delivered, rather than having an option to mark her as delivered and see delivered clients on a separate tab, but I could deal with it. However, after the iOS 7 update, I cannot even delete clients who have delivered, so my app is clogged with women "post dates" whose babies are over a month old. This app is not worth the money. Do not buy.


This was a great app until the iOS 7 "upgrade". Now the app crashes when I try to delete a pt. So, no way to keep track of who has delivered and who hasn't!

Update desperately needed

With iso7 the app crashes every time I try deleting a listing. Please update.

Updates needed

Is there an update for this app for ios7? I cannot delete patients who have delivered already. I do hope there will be an update soon.

No support. Do not buy.

This used to be a great app but it appears support has been abandoned. I have tried contacting the developer several times but no response. And sadly, this app now crashes under iOS7 when you try to delete a patient or "mark as delivered" which is in fact simply a deletion...no recording of stats or CS rates ( a feature that apparently was promised in the past but was never delivered. ) I feel it is my duty to let other MDs know. Too bad...showed a lot of promise. Hope to be proven wrong...

Please update!

Crashes every time with iOS 7. This is a great app, but it's useless without updates. For this price, I would have expected better support.

Thumbs down

The notes page never worked well for me, whenever it got near the bottom the words were no longer visible. Now that I have upgraded to iOS 7 deleting clients just crashes the app.

Needs update

App will not function with the new iOS 7. NEEDS UPDATE!!!

No longer functional

With the new update to iOS 7, you can no longer delete patients out of this program. This makes it completely useless.

Update is coming

Update is coming and it will be much better!


Love the app. I delete the patients as they delivered but I wish here was a way to put delivered. But a very useful tool.


Yes, downloaded the app for quite a while. Only started using it effectively recently. I strongly suggest updates that include updates and also billing information tracking. With updates it will be a much useful app. Waiting eagerly for a new version. I give it a 4.

I don't this app will ever be upgraded

It is a good app but we need to be able to add when clients give birth.


Love the app and use it daily. However, it really needs to be updated, so the user can switch patients to "delivered/postpartum" status.


Please update this so we can mark the patient as delivered...I'll pay another $15 for this feature! And do it so I don't loose my past info...of possible. Other than above issue, great app.

Would LOVE updates

I love love love this app, I use it everyday, but I'm still waiting for updates. I'd like to keep track of clients that delivered at the very minimum. Still the best app for OB care providers out there. 5 stars when updated. :) PLEASE update! I'd even PAY for an update!!!


Please update so I don't have to delete delivered patients. I love this app except for that problem. I'll give a 5 if that update occurs

Updates please...

Good solid app that I use regularly, however STILL no way to mark someone as delivered. This has to be an easy fix. I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't for this.

Useful program, could use updating

I like the program. It'd be useful to be able to search by patient first or last name, like the way you can search iPhone contacts. Also, please add the ability to take a patient's photo and add it to her profile.

Never updated as promised

I used to love this app, but now I am just annoyed. It does give me a list of my patients, but I could do that just as easily in Notepad, which is what I did before I got this app. Since there is no way to mark a patient as delivered, the program now is adding last years patients to this years patients and my stats, which I was really looking forward to using, are completely messed up. This guy has been promising updates, and they never come. Save your $15 bucks and just keep a patient list in Word or Notepad. Obviously, this guy has no plans on fixing this program so that it is usable.

best patient tracker ever used

Extremely helpful tracker. Allows provider to keep track of patients due, undelivered and so forth. Would love to have the dark yellow 2nd trimester patients a color darker than it is, because often difficult to see where 1st trimester ends and second begins, color is so similar. Some of the calculators also are a bit complicated to use, but overall very happy with it.


Great app! I use it everyday in my family medicine practice that is predominantly prenatal patients. I love the statistic section that tells you how many patients you have and how many per month. Eagerly awaiting the updates that include more demographic section and a delivered section. Anyone who takes care of OB patients should have this app!!

Unique product

This is a unique product for tracking obstetrical patients. There are several features that would be helpful: a way to designate the physician if there are several in a practice who share call, also a way to designate those who have delivered without having to delete them. Also, a desktop module that would allow data entry from computer. Would also like to see a version for BlackBerry Storm.

Great application

This application is well written and simple to use. It makes tracking patients on a busy service easy and intuitive. The only reason I didn't give it 5 stars was because I feel a program like this needs a desktop companion to sync with. Otherwise...great.

Good application, has great potential

Useful. As other users commented, it would be great to have a lab section as entering under notes is cumbersome. It would also be immensely helpful to be able to e-mail or output individual or batched patient data such that a hard copy of the OB list with relevant issues could be printed out for easier reference or signout for call. Of course, what would be most phenomenal would be a way to input/output the data from prenatal visits as a surrogate EMR for pregnant patients, but I imagine that would require an inordinate amount of coding & memory.


I love this app - a few things would make this perfect - should be a way to put in when of delivered, details, and by whom - if it's already there I haven't figured out where. And I agree with the others in that a place to easily check off complications particular to a patient. I'm looking forward to the updates... Great program.

It's exactly what I needed!

I can finally sell my palm on ebay. Like some other users, I was holding out for an iPhone app that would do what the old "pregcalc pro" software did on my palm. Well, this far exceeds my desires. Easily worth the modest price to keep me organized with an easy, logical, and lovely interface. The added features of the gram-pound converter and the EFW table make it indispensable during prenatal visits. ("Doc, how much does my baby weigh right now?") If you read Dr. Moore's info, he explains how to sync your data with SyncDocs, so your data won't get lost! Also, everyone should put a passcode lock on their iPhone. Mine was just stolen last week, and forget HIPPA, they would have gotten all of MY personal information if I hadn't had a passcode lock on. (You can even set it so the data on the phone will be erased after 10 failed attempts.) Thank you Dr. Moore!

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